Donate to Lillie's Friends | Childhood Cancer | Neuroblastoma

Lillie’s Friends works to find opportunities to make a positive impact on kids and families fighting cancer. We hope that one day the fight will be over, but for now we can make the fight easier.

Lillie's Friends is a 501(c)3 public charity. Your donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

Donations are directed to positively impact kids and families fighting cancer.  Donations will fund innovative research that significantly improves cure rates, provide in-need families with financial assistance, sponsor awareness campaigns and unique opportunities to make a positive impact in a cancer kids life.

Where it Goes…

Donate to Lillie's Friends | Childhood Cancer | Neuroblastoma

iPad Program

Lillie’s Friends provided a grant for Brenner Children’s Hospital for iPads and stands that allow children to watch movies and other interactive applications while they go through medical procedures. The medical staff knows that the iPad applications help calm patients down and the applications also distract the patients from the pain that they may otherwise feel from the medical procedures. The hope is this distraction will lower a child’s anxieties and allow some children to have the scans and procedures they need without the need for sedation.

Photo Shoot

Lillie’s Friends works  with  local  photographers to provide photo-shoots for the  kids  fighting  cancer  at  Brenner’s Children’s  Hospital. Focusing on the children and families during the shoot and puts cancer in the background for a fun day of family and style. We are honored to be there to help capture their smiles and forever preserve images of courage, beauty and dignity.

Donate to Lillie's Friends | Childhood Cancer | Neuroblastoma

Environmental Projection Room

Lillie’s Friends provided a $15,000 grant for equipment purchase for Brenner Children’s Hospital.  This equipment will allow patients to have an enhanced experience during scans with a new Environmental Projection Room that completely transforms the scan room.  Scan and procedure rooms are sterile and scary.  Children are anxious when they see intimidating machines.  The goal of this grant is to lower patient anxieties during scans and procedures by having a friendly environment.

Other Ways to Contribute

You can raise money and awareness for Lillie’s Friends Foundation by choosing one of the following Service Project ideas:

HOLD YOUR OWN FUNDRAISER: Organize a car wash, bake sale, lemonade stand or other activity. Hand out Lillie’s Friends brochures so your customers can learn about the the way their donation is having a positive impact on kids with cancer.

ORGANIZE A “JEANS” DAY AT WORK: Work with your supervisor to hold a special day at work where employees can donate $5 or more to wear jeans for the day. Make sure that employees know more about Lillie’s Friends.

SELL CURE CHILDHOOD CANCER YELLOW SHOELACES: You can lead a Step Up…Lace Up…and Speak Up awareness campaign at your school. church or local business. Sell shoelaces that read “CURE CHILDHOOD CANCER”. Going Gold for childhood cancer has become a global awareness project.

  • PJammin for Kids with Cancer- Participants pay a minimum of $1 to wear pajamas in honor of kids with cancer. This is a great program for schools!
  • Go Gold- Participants plan and host a gold-themed event to raise awareness of the symbol for childhood cancer. This is a fun project for groups, businesses, and churches.

ASK FOR DONATIONS IN LIEU OF SPECIAL OCCASION GIFTS: You might ask friends and family to make donations in lieu of birthday, graduation, or anniversary gifts. Have them donate to Lillie’s Friends Foundation in your honor at

ORGANIZE AN EVENING EVENT FOR YOUR ORGANIZATION/CLUB: Create a themed event and auction for members of your organization. A night out for couples to dine, dance and have an auction, bid for the cause, take your group out for fun, bowling, movies and dinner, hold a barbeque. All these events can have an admission and the proceeds be donated to Lillie’s Friends Foundation.

SEND LETTERS TO YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS ASKING FOR DONATIONS: Make sure you let them know that helping kids with cancer matters to you. Send them a letter or e-mail to let them know you are raising funds and ask them to support you by contributing to Lillie’s Friends Foundation. You can include pictures of yourself participating in Lillie’s Friends events or fundraising efforts.

What is Lillie’s Friends?

Lillie’s Friends is a non-profit organization that aims to provide families with real hope by raising awareness, funding innovative research toward cures, and finding unique opportunities to directly support families experiencing the ‘crisis of belief’ that accompanies their child’s diagnosis.