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Awareness Events

Lillie’s Friends works to bring awareness and shed light on childhood cancer.  We believe that once people understand the need for more funding and the devastation of a diagnosis, they want to get involved. Below are just a few of the successful events and campaigns we have hosted:

Lillie's Friends Childhood Cancer Awareness Events Shoelace Campaign

Shoelace Campaign

Schools, teams and businesses can help raise awareness as they “Step Up…Speak Up…Lace Up”  to support kids with cancer. By replacing your shoelaces with custom designed laces and uploading photos on social media with the hashtag #LFGoesGold, you are telling others that you are a FRIEND to kids with cancer.

Lillie's Friends Childhood Cancer Awareness Events Gold Ribbon Campaign

Gold Ribbon Campaign

Lillie’s Friends works with local communities to raise awareness in unique ways.  In September, we worked with the Fire Department to tie 43 ribbons around fire hydrants to represent the 43 kids that are diagnosed with cancer each day.


Lillie's Friends Childhood Cancer Awareness Events Candlelight Vigil

Candlelight Vigil

Candleight Vigils are powerful events that both the community and patients can be involved in.  To remember, honor and stand with the smallest and bravest.

Upcoming Events

Past Events

What is Lillie’s Friends?

Lillie’s Friends is a non-profit organization that aims to provide families with real hope by raising awareness, funding innovative research toward cures, and finding unique opportunities to directly support families experiencing the ‘crisis of belief’ that accompanies their child’s diagnosis.